Scribble & Scratch Night - Live art battle at the Canteen, Halloween 2013

ReToX creates a portrait piece for Totterdown's Art trail

Bristol being it's usual arty self has a great event each year where local artists around Totterdown open their houses to the public to showcase their art.

Around the route for the trail is some great street / graffiti art, hosting many different ranges and styles.

I was asked by my friend Gage to contribute to a large temp wall that is hiding a building site. So I joined him and a few other graffers for a quick painting sesh on a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon! My piece was done in a few hours, with a touch up on the eye due to some damn rain.

You can check out some pictures below, and here is the location for anyone wanting to see for themselfs. Art Trail image 1 Art Trail image 2 Art Trail image 3 Art Trail image 4

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