CoLab Gallery all day art event - Bristol

CoLab Gallery all day art event - Bristol

This weekend I was representing the Scribble and Scratch crew doing some live drawing for CoLab gallery's all day art event in celebration of their new gallery.

We had the sun shining, the rum flowing and the tunes banging as I sat down in the streets of Bristol to go at sketching something inside CoLabs logo on a big sandwich board.

The space to draw within made for an interesting challenge. I wanted to draw something that would grab some peoples attention as they passed by on the streets, and as such went for the mother flipping Batman. To make it work within the size and shape of the logo I decided to do a shattered / fragmented mirror with his reflection in. A nice Comic book feel with the Joker's signature scribbled HA HA HA all over the mirror.

The piece took around 2 1/2 hours with the heat getting a bit much and me needing a much deserved cider I kicked back and enjoyed some of the free styling laid on inside the Gallery. The day was damn awesome and I hope to be back at CoLab at some point in the future.

I recommend everyone go down to the gallery to check out the amazing work inside and also they have space to rent for any artists in need out there. The address is : 51-53 Merchant Street (Broadmead), BS1 3EE, Bristol


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