Scribble & Scratch Night - Live art battle at the Canteen, Halloween 2013

Scribble & Scratch Night - Live art battle at the Canteen, Halloween 2013

Woaa, what a night that was! Not only painting again for one of the first times in 10 years, but also in front of full crowed at the Canteen in Bristol.

I got there early, and while mingling with a lot of lovely people I was getting my Dutch courage on... A few pints of Bristols finest cider later I was on stage leaning over a big ass table to reach the 4ft board. Not the best of esils but it was a nice improv after the easel broke...

The theme was Monster Mash, and rather than going for the obvious I decided to go all undead on this one with a slight homage to Evil Nine, and the Oldskool Monster horror films in the 70's.

During the 90 mins I worked up some Japanese text which translates as "They Live" ( Go check out the film, the Obey brand was built on this ) After I worked up the hand, I had to make up some time so I grabbed a sponge to work in the green background with speed, then leaving me a nice 30 mins left for detailing.

The perspective wasn't how I planed, but leaning over the table had messed up my angling. That said I was still happy with it for a quick speed painting!

The night was a great one, and I was really humbled to say the least. Not only having one epic crowd roar for me at the end, but also by everyone's kind words after. It was a pretty intense night, so one big thanks to everyone who came or dropped me a message!

Oh and the painting sold in under 5 mins... Epic.

Here's some pics from the night, curtasy of James Hodge & Janette Slack.

Scribble & Scratch image 1 Scribble & Scratch image 2 Scribble & Scratch image 3 Scribble & Scratch image 4 Scribble & Scratch image 5 Scribble & Scratch image 6 Scribble & Scratch image 7 Scribble & Scratch image 8

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