Lolita Poster

Lolita Poster - First First vector art project from 2009

This is an old file, started back in late 2009 to early 2010. I often start a lot of projects that either end up scraped, abandoned or I just sit on them, opening them up sporadically to remind myself of where I got to, or most of the time... where I didn't get to. This poster has gone threw all three, and the main reason I wanted to finish it to a shareable level was because it's the first vector art piece I atempted.

Previously a lot of my artwork was hand drawn, digitally inked and coloured, but this pieces represents a dawn of a new style and a new path. Now I've played around a bit I have a project that will start to merge the two to create something closer to what I've always had in mind. Watch this space.

Check out the full poster here