New EP & T-shirt design for Paul Dobson - Together

New EP & T-shirt design for Paul Dobson - Together

Paul Dobson has been involved in the dance music industry for several years mainly working under the pseudonym Refracture, however this new project under his own name sees a different side to his musical persona.

This four track EP is summery mix of four four beats, cinematic strings and piano juxtaposed with superheavy helpings of bass. Four Three Six approached me to do the artwork for both the T-shirt and the release, to which after hearing the tracks I drew inspiration from the track names and vibes to play around with sonic exploration theme, crafting an abstract wormhole and vortex..

I hope you all dig the art as well as the tracks, you can the Tee which comes with a download code from Four Three Six's website bellow and also just the EP from iTunes, Beatport etc.

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