The end of an era.

With a title like that I could of course be refering to the trurly sad and era ending news that is musician, rapper, activist and director Adam "MCA" Yauch has passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer. He was only 47 years old and news like this always hits me with the realisation of our own mortality. PWR 2 MCA.

Now lets bring this back to a much lighter note though with the reason for this blog post:

My 60GB Original PS3 has YLOD on my ass.

So there I was on Saturday chiling with the girlfriend, I poped Enslaved into the drive and then before I finaly got around to playing this game a year after picking it up I said:

  • Tizz: Omg I have to show you this video of Robbaz playing one of the best games ever where this bear has to eat the fishies before winter comes!
  • Sian: What?...
  • Tizz: Robbaz... the kink king of Sweeden! ... all will become clear

So after booting the PS3 and hiting up the browser (omg wtf its all changed) I went to youtube (omg wtf It's all built for ps3) then raged at the shit interface before finding Robbaz's channel on there. After laughing at the baddass warlruss inspecting a dragons nipples (over some tea and biscuits ofcourse because we are british) suddenly the vid lagged a bit then BEEP BEEP and a powerd down with the red standby light flashing at me. I didnt think anything of it, as it has done this before, and with the modern firmware the PS3 will powerdown when getting a little to hot, much like a PC will if the CPU starts to cook itself. The bad thing was that when I pressed the power button the damn thing went to green.. then to.. yellow then flashed red with the dreaded beeps as well to audibly tell me it's fucked.

I thought 3 things:

  • It's to damn hot so it's not botting up till it's cooled down (makes sense)
  • It has a built in timer that if it did overheat it won't boot till that's expired (stupid if not monitoring temp but it's Sony after all)
  • Robbaz inspected it's nipples and performed a german suplex on my PS3...

After leaving it to cool for an hour in the kitchen, no luck. Still does the YLOD on me, but at this point I'm still not admiting to myself it's that and prehaps just the RLOD i've had previously that it recovers from... but guess what... yeh that's right It didn't. (kinda obvious right as I wouldn't be writing this)

So I admited it's fate and acepted that the big george forman's grill has pushed it's last pixel as it lays before me. bitch. Now the main issue I was worried about was:


So I've looked around and so far I can't find any information about how to get the save data of the HDD, as they are locked to the console for piracy and all that bs sake. That's fine but as you don't offer a cloud service to automaticaly back up my save data, and we don't use memory cards anymore... I'm really pissed off! This is a huge oversight by Sony. So I poned Playstation tech support to see what my options are and spoke to a guy called Dave (I don't trust someone with that name If I havn't met them, I just think car salesman)

  • Dave: Hi there how can I help
  • Tizz: Hey my PS3 has YLOD on me and I wanted to see what my options are as it's out of warrenty.
  • Dave: M-kay well we can swap that for you for a referb model right away.
  • Tizz: Oh right, nice lets do that then.
  • Dave: That will be £110 including VAT + Delivery...
  • Tizz: ..(mumbles wtf).. Sorry Dave, I can't do that. Will it be a new slim, or a phat ps3, do I get a year warrenty on it too?
  • Dave: We match models, and there is 3 months warrenty.
  • Tizz: 3 months... I may as well buy a new one for that price and get a year!? Don't you guys offer a repair service?! What happends to all my game save data!?
  • Dave: No we don't offer a repair service, and all your data will be lost as the ps3?s HDD is console locked.
  • Tizz: ...
  • Dave: Hello?
  • Tizz: ...
  • Dave: Do you wan't to think about it?
rage face

Well that wen't as expected and as it's over four years old there is no warrenty so as Sony offer no repair service or a way to get my save data off, I may take it apart and try to repair it using my Cornish ninja wizard skills, but it's a stab in the dark that the issue is just a cracked solder and not something else. I'll document this proccess and if i remember how to reasamble it and I get a result then I'll post a guide for my issue on here. Otherwise:

R.I.P 60GB PHAT PS3: Age 4 years, 6 months and 12 days.