EP design for Rektchordz - Meant to be

EP design for Rektchordz - Meant to be

Last month I was asked to design the EP art for Rektchordz new release Meant to Be.

The EP is comprised of two tracks, and 'Meant to be' being the first one I used it as the core inpsiration surounding the artwork. I put together this cover art to reflect both the title and the mood behind the track.

The EP was released in the first quater of 2014 via Vicious Bitch, and features a whole host of badass remix's as well as the second track from this EP; Broken Tears.

I hope you all dig it, and to show your support, give it a listen or click this link to buy Rektchordz - Meatn to be, on BeatPort

Rektchordz - Meant to Be

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