Scribble and Scratch

Scribble 'N' Scratch

Bristol has a new street culture night called Scribble & Scratch. It's hosted by the lovely folks behind H.A.S.H and brings Live Graffiti / Illustration Battles along side some awesome scratch DJs.

The first event for Bristol was hosted at the looking glass and sore one impressive turn out! With kung-fu projecting nicely in the background and the guys working some blinding magic on the turntables, the two artists went at it in a timed battle. Both Anika Wilkinson & The Old Master aka Dan Petley had 90 minuets to draw a piece using only black and white paint markers and a colour of their choice around the theme 'The Looking Glass'.

Both final pieces are on auction and the money raised goes to charity (Totally awesome right?!) I really liked Anika's style, and if interested jump over to their Facebook page to check them both out! It was a great first event with one buzzing and really relaxed atmosphere from art and music loving peeps. A sign of many great things to come! The next event is set for October in the Canteen, Bristol.

I'll post an update once it's announced!