Live illustration at Small Stories - Birdcage, Bristol

Live illustration at Small Stories in Bristol

This week I did a little live drawing in a slightly different environment. Small Stories is a monthly event in Bristol where writers & poets of all genres and nature gather to share short stories, poems, to excepts from a larger story to an audience of eager listeners.

At each event there's an artist/illustrator on stage drawing throughout the event. I was given all the stories and poems that where being read that night before hand and picked one that sparked an idea in my head to draw on the night.

I had no idea who the writer was so that was kind of nice painting away and then suddenly hearing the piece being read out. It turned out to be by Arran Frood; a digital content producer for BBSRC and freelance journalist. The piece was pretty awesome, a nice mix of dark adult sci fi.. pretty much right up my street, hence choosing it to paint.

I had a few concepts but decided to go for a black and white portrait piece that was more of a interpretation of the story rather than a scene. Symbolising both mother nature with a youthful like woman, while also being one of the victims in the story itself.

The night had a really relaxed and chilled atmosphere to it, with many talented writers gracing everyone’s ears with a wide range of genre's and emotions. The birdcage aided in this with it's really quirky and dim lit setting. Admittedly that made it a little harder to see what i was doing.. but none the less the piece came out as I wanted it too in the time available.

Below are some of the pictures from the night, and if you want to come along to the next Small Stories event or even get involved, message on their Small Stories Facebook page.


Small Stories image 1 Small Stories image 2 Small Stories image 3 Small Stories image 4 Small Stories image 5 Small Stories image 6 Small Stories image 7