New cover art designs for RektChordz & Crown Duels - Your Embrace

New cover art for RektChordz & Crown Duels - Your Embrace

It's not even Christmas yet, but Free music is in the air.

I've only gone and put together the cover art for Rektchordz & Crown Duels new FREE track "Your Embrace" havn't I! You can either have a listen bellow or head over to Rektchordz facebook page to download the track for Free.. He's crazy like that.

Be sure to like the hell out of both artists Sound Cloud and Facebook pages to show support, as there will be more of this in the future.

I hope you all dig it, and as mentioned here are some links to show your support:

Recktchordz Facebook

Crown Duels Facebook

Rektchordz & Crown Duels - Your Embrace

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