Close up

This is an old file, started back in late 2009 to early 2010. I often start a lot of projects that either end up scraped, abandoned or I just sit on them, opening them up sporadically to remind myself of where I got to, or most of the time... where I didn't get to. This poster has gone threw all three, and the main reason I wanted to finish it to a shareable level was because it's the first vector art piece I started.

It was based of an idea I had of a female hitman. Somewhat influenced by the female gangs/portrayals in the Hitman game series, except the level of mystery of Lolita's back story is on par with Agent 47's rather than one of his targets. After finishing this off last week I would like to try and create something based around this, an action-shot of the hit that she has just carried out.

Lolita full view

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